Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Carhartts Jacket

 I had been unaccustomed to really cold winters, and was looking for a stylish yet functional coat. Imagine my surprise when my husband purchased me a Carhartts jacket. I figured why not? , it was snowing and I needed something to wear outside.
When the jacket arrived, it was…well it was…

Let’s just say it was as stiff as the frozen corpse I hoped not to be. The seaming in the shoulder area is so that I cannot raise my arms up very well. It’s boxy, certainly it wasn’t form flattering. I resembled a 1950’s Sci-Fi robot made from a cardboard box.
 I raced online to find what I could do to soften the fabric, not much as it turns out. Someone gave advice to work under a tractor all day in the mud and that would soften it up. From the reviews, I got the impression Carhartts were for people who led a more rugged lifestyle than city dwelling me. 

 I complained about the jacket near constantly, I would clomp around the apartment wearing it saying “Fire bad!” I think it began to hurt my husband’s man feelings. So I shut up and began to wear it more often.

One day at a bus stop, I saw a bunch of ladies in their flattering coats looking totally fashion forward and freezing. Whilst I stood among them, invulnerable in my iron lung of a jacket.  So really, it isn’t such a bad jacket after all. I can do lots in my Carhartts that you just can’t do with other jackets, so here are all the neato things I can do in a Carharrts Jacket; that I couldn't do before.  

Jacket on the car seat, the one time my husband fell and was covered in mud.

Fix a tractor tire

Catch a pig            

Wrap up a shivering Andy dog, when we get caught outside in the rain.

Fight a bear

Birth a calf           

 Fight another bear                                                         

Hide kittens from the S.S.                                        

Smoke an entire pack of Tom Waits

So thanks honey, for buying me a jacket to keep me warm, and do a multitude of other things in.

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