Friday, March 22, 2013

Burger joint bandit

In my day, I have found many a lost wallet or wad of cash. It is not my first thought or probably my natural instinct to return the items or drop them off at police stations.  But I enjoy the perks of being honest, and I like that maybe I brightened someone’s day? 
  I do it because I know how I would feel if such an incident were to befall me. Or so I thought….
   Last week, the husband and I decided to go to a burger joint.  It is always packed to the rafters in this particular place, but we managed to swipe a table, yay us. I slung my mini back pack over the chair, as I usually do then we ate. Soon I began to feel guilty, for the other desperate patrons, arms full of burgers, searching for a place to sit. We were finishing up at this time, and as we got our trash bundled up. There was one man impatiently loitering for our table. We took off and before I got in the car I noticed my back pack was unzipped completely open….and my wallet was gone! I am a quiet panicker, without telling my husband I took off back the way we came. Retracing my steps, searching in planters, sidewalks, hoping my wallet would be there.

But no.

I went back inside the burger joint, hoping it was there.

But no.

We rushed home, thinking perhaps I left my wallet there?

But no.

  Is it possible that in the hussle and bussle of a Friday night burger joint, someone unzipped my pack and took my wallet? I don't really remember who was around our table...
 Or did it fall out of my bag, and someone not so honest found it and kept it? We spent the night canceling all my cards, going on credit alert and filing a police report. Fun fun fun. I jumped between feeling stupid for losing the wallet and annoyed because maybe I was robbed? What if the thief managed to use my cards before I could cancel them?
I tried to keep my friend Tiff in mind, a few years back she was robbed after leaving a bar by some jerk. I asked "Oh no, Tiff? Were you hurt?" To which she replied "I'm fine, he was terrible at being a criminal anyway. Didn't try to molest me or anything!" I tried to keep her bravery and sense of humor in mind, but then again....knowing Tiff.
 A week later the popo, showed up at my door, they found my wallet! It still had all the stuff inside, whoever had it must have ditched it once they found everything was cancelled. Whoever took it, didn’t bother to look in the change purse, who’s got a quarter?

                                             I’ve got a quarter!

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