Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Crazy Data creeping Cosby

I have no excuse for the dream I am about to relate here. Suffice it to say, my husband and I have been watching a lot of “Star Trek Next Generation” lately. 

  Ok, so my husband and I are cops, in regular blue uniforms, on the U.S.S. Enterprise…in space... like you do. People are in a panic and running around, there are sparks and smoke. My husband and I have our little six shooters out because we are hunting lieutenant commander Data, who has gone insane.  A door opens and there he is, totally crazy and ….wearing a Bill Cosby sweater. 
Apparently on top of maiming people and trying to take over the Enterprise, he also thinks he’s Cliff Huxtable.
   We are shooting at him to no avail, he blabs some weird Cosby speak and grabs me to use as a human shield. 
                                                          Pew pew pew

 Like dreams tend to do, the scene suddenly changed. Cosby Data and I are standing under a pink flowering tree in a meadow or something. He just falls down dead, leaving me to figure out what’s going on all by myself.
I notice Cosby data was carrying something, it’s a dog, buts it’s also an amoeba. It’s amoeba dog. Sure why not.
 It seems friendly so I decide to take him with me. Amoeba dog and I walk over to this tall grey wall. I look up and see there is a grand looking castle towering up oh so very high. But it keeps shifting and changing and I can’t possibly manage to get in.

  I hear a noise and look behind me, Cosby Data transforms magically into a different person. Magically with glitter and little lights followed by magical tinkling noises.  It’s Buster Poindexter! He’s all suave in a cool suit and combing his hair and straightening his tie. Mr.Poindexter sees a lovely bare breasted centaur woman in the meadow and he falls instantly in love with her.
  Then her big brawny centaur boyfriend shows up and they trot away together. His little stylish heart crushed before he could even get her name. I feel bad for Buster, I tell him there are other centaurs out there or something like that. He brushes it off like it’s nothing and goes back to dusting off his suit.  He asks me what’s happened, I tell him he got all Dr.Who and transformed after death.

 He asks me why I look sad and I tell him about the castle I can’t get into.

 Buster Poindexter smirks, he can get me into the castle no problem! I’m thrilled, Buster Poindexter leads the way toward the shape shifting castle...
   then I woke up.

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