Friday, November 16, 2012

Stumbly McMonkey

 Several weeks ago my friend Janelle started teaching a class about the regional dances of Egypt. I have thus far in my dancing hobby, only taken classical Egyptian style dance classes. So, in the interest of supporting my pal and just for curiosities sake. I signed up for the class. I’m the only noob there, the rest of the students are experienced dancers. But I don’t need to be self-conscious though. The other ladies are so concentrated on perfecting their skills. That my clumsy stumbling antics go mostly unnoticed.
                                 I sometimes feel a little out of my depth! 

I still have fun though, we get to play around with canes, zill's and scarves. This past week, Janelle was teaching a class about the dances of Nubia. Nubian women wear purtyfull scarves on their heads and use them during their dances.
  She demonstrated how they use the scarves, and it seemed so adorable and we all couldn’t wait to try it. Especially me, because I thought.... "Sweet all we have to do is dance around with scarves. I'm gunna own this!" She had brought a bunch of pashmina scarves, and we used hair clips to fasten them onto our noggins.  All the other students were mimicking Janelle’s lovely feminine movements. For some weird reason, despite my best effort. I couldn’t get the hang of it.
                             I resembled the B-52 bomber of the scarf world.  
Let this serve as a lesson, that things are never as simplistic as they may first appear. 
Lesson learned!

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