Sunday, November 25, 2012

My little pony, mine

 I grew up in the generation that pegged all children as “The future”. We were all of us special, unique and filled with glorious potential. Games were never about competing, or winning. Even the losers got awards just for trying. Because there were no losers, only slower kids. Adults loved to encourage such ideals, little did they know. That despite their positive reinforcement . Darling children were still competitive, judgmental and and certainly knew a stupid kid when they saw one. So try as the adults might, to foster a world of pure love and rainbows.  In our private kids world, it was always beyond Thunderdome.
  I was never the competitive type, still to this day I have no drive to win at anything.  For people like me, an incentive to win is created, it’s called a “prize” or “reward”.  Such incentives had/have little appeal to me. 
Except once.
 It was preschool, some holiday I don’t recall. The teachers decided we would play a game of musical chairs. Musical chairs is when some silly song is played and all the kids stumble around a circle of chairs. The music stops and all the adorable innocent children become rabid monkeys. Throwing each other about, pushing and protesting, until they claim a chair for themselves. I had thought this game was for chumps. It wasn’t hard to watch the teacher, to see when she would press the pause button on the tape player. Yet somehow all the other kids were lost in their dream worlds and would scramble like confused drunkards whenever the music came to a halt.
                                                        The game bored me.

I saw the losers walk over to the teachers, sniffling or complaining.  But ah whats this?
 They were getting consolation prizes. I was already familiar with this ritual and knew at the end of the game we would all have a dollar store trinket to show for it. But this time was different, they were handing out My little pony toys. Oh dear sweet baby Jesus on a hot roll!  I was at an age when My little pony lust consumed my every waking moment.
 It was pink, and had glitter on it’s rump. It had to be mine. But oh dear, they only seemed to have a finite amount of ponies. Only the next few girls would get them, for losing no less. So the actual better players and ultimate winner of this musical death match  would have to choose from the grab bag of cheesy dollar store items. Are you kidding me?  I knew what I had to do. 
                                                       Yes Master!

   The music stopped and the clumsy children, bewildered, all began to stumble towards chairs. I tried to act confused myself. Practically pushed this one kid into a chair so I didn’t have to take it.  I threw my hands up, “Uh oh, I lost!” Smiling I accepted my ill-gotten gains. All the other girls got slap wrist bracelets and begged me to trade my pony for one.  No can do ladies, no can do.
 And that’s how I won a pony by throwing a game of musical chairs.

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