Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zombie fabulous

Lately I have been blowing a bunch of monies on makeup and hair products, like a shallow ninny would do. Now some unfortunate incidences in recent news have got me thinking about more important matters. What have I done to prepare against the Zombie apocalypse?
 The Zompocalypse could come any day, lets face it. What could be worse than being devoured by hordes of hungry undead?  Being caught without your makeup on!  How embarrassing! Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean you have to look it!
For eye shadow, I recommend the camo look. What better way to hide from ghoulish gorger's than with M.A.C.?


 The good thing about M.A.C. shadows is that the bulk of them have no scent! The last thing you want to do is go and give yourself away to those groaning leg draggers because of your smelly makeup! Make sure you use a good primer so your makeup will last all day. You're on the run from ferocious flesh eating fiends, you won't have time to look in a mirror! As for nail polish you can’t go wrong with China Glaze, because it lasts without chipping. I suggest in keeping with the camouflage motif. My vote is for “Tree hugger” and “GaGa for green” and add some brown with “Unplugged”.
            Even if you go zombie in the end, you'll still turn heads with this fun look. 
    A saucy leather belt to hang your machete on. Some cute combat boots from your local Army surplus store. (Heels will only make you zombie bait!) If you need to jazz your feet up, some hello kittie laces will work great. Need a dash of pink to your attire? A pink and black Walther P-22 hope edition hand gun may be just what you need. With proceeds benefiting the Susan G. Komen foundation.  What better way to say, I advocate for a cure for breast cancer by obliterating zombies?
 Now don't get ahead of yourself, you'll need a purse to stash all these accessories in. Again I recommend a trip to your local army surplus store for a fun vintage look. But killing zombies is hard work, you can go ahead and spoil yourself with a little luxury.
 Good luck in surviving zombie attack, ladies. If I find out how to make lip gloss out of dirt and tree bits I'll let you know.


Jazz said...

I love your mind. Just sayin'. :) Miss seeing your posts on FB. How you doing, lovey? ^_^

Frankengirl said...

Always glad to hear from Jazz! I will write you an email soon and catch up.

Frankengirl said...

Ya know, if I ever get off my ass.