Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sprunging Spring

My two favorite seasons are polar opposites. Autumn, when days begin to darken and everything starts to die.  And Spring, where everything is coming back to life and the sun makes some brief cameo’s. Summer and Winter are both too extreme for my liking.
 This past winter seemed especially harsh, maybe its because I’m not used to being snowed in, having grown up in a desert climate and all. I felt like a freak those many months, wrapped up in hoodies and kimonos, trying to keep the warmth in. Putting sweaters on my dog. I’m sure I must have scared the fedex guy more than once.

  But now it is Spring and everything is so different. I even have new rainbow pajamas.
This year is going to be an exciting year, I foresee many awesome things happening.If luck is with us, we may move back into the Emerald city and leave this boring island........and Tom Jones will ride a unicorn.

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