Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Foot Fetish Freaky

I can nit-pick any part of my body and say how I dislike this or that.  But not my feet, on that I must concede de-feet.  I have super nice stompers, they are shapely, well maintained and a nice pale pinkish color.
More than once in my life have I seriously considered making a farthing or four off of my fabulous feeties. I don’t have a foot fetish myself, but the idea seemed so harmless. I didn’t see any reason why, I shouldn’t get a foot in the door of this business. But upon doing actual research, I discovered that having nice feet is not enough. Oh no, foot fetish enthusiasts want your feet to um…do…things and um…go places.
 No thanks! Not my tactile tootsies! The very thought of some strangers um.. appendages… um…dangling around my precious pedicured peddlers, no way! Needless to say I seriously underestimated the involvement these fetish people have with feet. 

 My ideas were much more whimsy, by far. A website, whereby patrons could patronize pictures and videos of my feet. I didn’t have any intention of doing explicitly naughty things with my feet.  Just indirectly haughty things. Oh hush, if the shoe was on the other foot and the foot was as nice looking as mine you’d be thinking the same thing!

My foot persona would be Fifi Le’Foot!
The site would be various pictures of my feet on a pillow, walking around, trying on shoes, having lotion rubbed on them, being sprinkled with glitter. Maybe my feet want to go into water, so I dip a toe in but burr its too cold!
 Stuff like that, stuff I could live with. Honestly I wouldn’t give a crap about family and friends knowing I ran a foot fetish site, as long as my feet were respectable! Making monies off people into looking at feet, who wouldn’t respect that kind of gusto?
  The very worst I had intended was to have my feet spanked with a paddle, and even that idea was stolen from “King of the Hill.”
The site I wanted would be quirky and pretty much devoid of X-rated stuff. The pantomime style adventures of a set of fabulous faux French feet! I would never reveal who the set belonged to or communicate intimately with fans. The most I would offer, would be an annual Christmas card.
  But no, the foot fetish world is too freaky for me. Looks like I will have to keep hammering away at my current boring and totally respectable job.    


Julia said...

It might be hard to get your "foot in the door" on this venture!

Frankengirl said...

Wow, my Mom is the only read my foot fetish blog. Yay Mom!

Mom said...

I'm ready for your nexr post . . .

Bob said...

Most men will still not readily admit to a foot fetish yet the amount that do is staggering. I often speak to women who do not feel they are attractive yet when I ask them to take their shoes off their feet are gorgeous. When it comes to meeting men, "getting your foot in their door" is a nice place to start. If a woman has gorgeous feet she needs to show them off, not hide them. You never know whose looking. And btw many men w/foot fetishes are very nice guys, just like me and what woman doesn't like some attention to her feet. My favorite thing to do is to paint a woman's toenails and blow them dry, then see where it goes