Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Face Palm Gun

When people do or say something of immense stupidity. If they realize it in time, they face palm themselves. Also people around the person in question may face palm themselves out of disbelief or frustration. Face palming one’s self, is signaling to others that you realize you’ve said or done something  idiotic. I face palm at least once a day, usually before 10 am. Face palm is a healthy activity, it lets others know, that you’re not so stupid that you don’t realize how stupid you can be.
However, there are people in the world who have never heard of face palm. Or perhaps they are too self absorbed to notice they have just acted like a twit.
That’s why I’ve invented, the face palm gun. 
It’s not terribly portable, but it looks so cute I think it could accessorize any outfit.  
How it works, is if someone says something of unforgivable stupidity and they haven’t the awareness to face palm themselves. You use the face palm gun to do it for them. Lets call it a correction. So if someone makes an idiotic statement, and doesn’t face palm. 
Simply correct them.
Face palm gun sends a life like latex hand slamming into the persons face at a comfortable speed of 35 mph. I think probably 30 percent of the population needs one of these.  Especially around voting time. 

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