Monday, February 6, 2012

The blackout

Incidentally I happen to be reading about cannibalism when the blackout happened.
Growing up in a desert climate, there were black outs all the time. But they were always fun, because we knew we could do things like not freeze to death. But it’s winter in the North West. We have been snowed in for 2 days.
It got cold fast, our place is insulated for crap! My husband and I tried to go bed early, 6pm, thinking if we cuddle under all our blankets we can stay warm. But we just can’t sleep. My husband  went outside and used his propane burner to boil two giant 6 gallon pots of snow water. We bring them into the bedroom and the heat from the water kept us warm all night, go husband! Aside from thermodynamics, I learned there is no such thing as changing clothes in a winter black out when it’s 30 degrees in your home. There are only more layers of clothing. There are also stages of cold immersion. 

Stage 1 You put on your hoodie and wear socks in the house. Feel bad ass and optimistic.
Stage 2 You put on slippers and wear a carhartts jacket in the house. Think a lot about the Lewis and Clark expedition and eat Swedish fish candy because you can’t cook anything. 

Stage 3 You are now huddled in a blanket with your dog, who is also wearing a sweater. There is no stage 4, not really, you go from stage 3 straight to stage 12. Were you look like one of the sand people, and say silly things like “Protect the fire!” and  “Remember showers?”
The hours grow longer and you long for a spooky drifter with a pizza. Then suddenly the power is back on, the roads are cleared and you rush into town to buy food staples like latte’s and chicken tikka masala.   

"Sand-people easily scare, but they'll soon be back, and in greater numbers.” ~ Obi-Wan Kenobi