Monday, December 19, 2011

Home alone

My husband had an overnight business trip a few days ago. 

It would be my first time home alone overnight in the new place. Being home alone never bothered me before. Even as a kid, I always thought I was so cool because I could watch horror flicks alone at night. But this time I was in the woods. Yes it makes a difference!  

I knew every noise, every creak would send my imagination running. Plus Andy would do that thing that he does, where he suddenly stops and looks at a door or window. As though  someone were there. I'd be wrapped in my blanket, kicking myself for having ever read so much about serial killers.
 I braced myself for a sleepless night.

A night with all the monsters and Dracula’s and bigfoots scratching at the doors. Setting off the motion detection lights then knocking the power out, making the walls bleed and raiding the fridge. I weighed my options on protection. A small reasonable knife, or a giant carving knife? If Dracula busts into the house I feel confident I can whoop him. Zombies, I can handle, well no more than 2 at a time. Bigfoot is misunderstood  as we all know, I’m sure we will become friends. If Gillman shows up I’m doomed. 

I was sure at the end of the evening I was going to feel thoroughly ridiculous. The night came, and it wasn’t bad at all. My dog and I fell asleep on the couch watching assorted Bela Lugosi flicks. After a while we shuffled off to bed. If there were any monsters, they were very quiet.  

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