Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Fat Lady dance

Another fun character in our old apartment building was the “Fat lady”.

It was warm weather, I had all the windows open save for one. There were two men painting that side of the building today. So I had to leave one window closed.
 I was on the floor surrounded by a bunch of papers for work. Getting very tired and very disenchanted with how the remainder of my day was looking like. Then I heard it…

“Yoo hoooooo!”
Yoo hoo? Who the hell actually says that?
“Yoo hoooooo!” There it was again, flirty and melodic. 

I looked out my window onto the 3rd floor rooftop garden below. 
The day is saved, there is a fat lady dancing in the garden.  

She’s rocking a beehive hairdo,and being careful not to spill her glass of red wine as she gyrates, all four hundred pounds of her.
 She’s dancing for the 2 men painting the building. They have a radio playing, some saucy Latin music.  She is raising her arms like a flamenco dancer, swaying her hips, twisting her little feet. Every fold bulging under the strain of her shirt. Every hip thrust a lesson in g-force.The painters seem uneasy, perhaps a little frightened. But they smile at her anyway. I do what any person would do. I scramble to get my camera.

I'm terrified I will be caught but I have to do this. No one will ever believe the sheer awesomeness of this moment unless I catch it on film. After some hasty footage from the edge of the window, I feel I’ve pushed my luck enough.
I spend the rest of the day occasionally looking out my window to see the fat lady.
“She’s still dancing Ohmygawd.” Only difference is she freshened her wine, its white now. 

After this incident, I saw the fat lady on several occasions dancing in the roof top garden. With a glass of wine and her i-pod. Standing on one of the planters. Looking at the city below and dancing her heart out. I came to depend on seeing the fat lady dance. It made me feel happy actually, if she skipped a day I was disappointed. But if she was out there doing her thing, I could carry on with my day contently.
If the Fat Lady is dancing all is right with the world. Perhaps the fat Lady is still out there dancing, looking for love, drinking tons of wine. My cap is off to you, Dance Fat Lady, dance!  

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