Friday, December 2, 2011

Creepy Cat Man

Before my husband and I moved to the island, we lived in an 18 story apartment building in the city.
One of our quirky neighbors we dubbed the "Cat man". 

He was tall and dressed like a skate boarder from 1985. One day I was waiting for the concierge to find my UPS package. Cat man came rushing into the lobby unreasonably angry that the boardroom in our building was locked. He had reserved it for his cats…….
The concierge excused himself to go help Catman.

Since that incident I have seen Catman on several occasions going in and out of that board room. Always in a hurry, and flustered. My brief encounters with Catman gave me the impression he was unstable mentally.
I could be wrong about all this, you can never really know anyone until you spend some quality time with them. It’s possible there is a logical reason for these goings on. I’m sure he is probably a very sane and normal person.

But it is also possible, that once a month he gets all his cats into the board room for a birthday party.
He probably had a horrific and traumatizing experience as a child where no kids showed up for his birthday party. So now, once a month he buys a birthday cake, I’m guessing with a creepy clown face on it. And forces the cats into a deranged reenactment of his childhood birthday party.
He straps party hats on all the cats. Then forces them to sit on the swiveling office chairs.  The cats try to paw around to figure a way off the chairs. Which probably enrages Catman, who yells at his cats “STAY ON YOUR CHAIRS!”

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