Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Andy's underwear harness

 Andy dog has this bad habit of getting overly excited and trying to jump all over people. Even if I have him leashed he will strangle himself to try and get to someone. 
I’m concerned about him getting hurt this way. I’m worried one day when he’s freaking out, he’ll tug one tug too much and his little doggy eye’s will pop out. 
I decided to get him some sort of harness. And just the other day in the grocery store I found a harness I saw advertised on T.V. It was a right price, I figured what the heck and bought it. 
It looks like underwear. Like kinky fish net underwear. We hang it next to his leash on the back door. Every time I walk by it, I can’t help thinking how much like freaky bondage undies it looks like. I guess it’s better than having his eye balls pop out. 

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