Monday, November 28, 2011

A humble wish

Regarding the 3 hip strangers, who saw fit to not only to criticize my appearance today. But also made conjectures on my life, and my value to prettyfull  society.

I hope their i-phones die.
I hope their parents take their BMW’s away.
I hope Banana Republic closes forever.
I hope they cancel Jersey shore.
I hope Pabst Blue Ribbon goes out of business so they can no longer drink it, ironically.
I hope all the dye runs out of their hair.
I hope their spray on tan, causes them to break out in a rash.
I hope their skinny jeans, are so tight it makes them sterile.
I hope every beanie is too small to fit their huge heads.
I hope every time they go to Value village on Captiol Hill, all the vintage stuff is gone.
I hope every time they order an Americano, it’s made with toilet water.
I hope all their vinyl records get peed on by a smelly elderly cat.

That's all I can think of for now, feel free to play along.

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